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Zahedi HS1, Jazayeri S, Ghiasvand R, Djalali M, Eshraghian MR
, 4 Settembre 2018
BACKGROUND: Exercise can lead to acute oxidative stress, which can result in oxidative damage and induce inflammation. Resveratrol may reduce the levels of inflammatory cytokines. Thus, we investigated the effects of this compound on the plasma levels of tumor necrosis factor-α (TNF-α) and...
Maria Kechagia, Dimitrios Basoulis, Stavroula Konstantopoulou, Dimitra Dimitriadi, Konstantina Gyftopoulou, Nikoletta Skarmoutsou, and Eleni Mar
, 4 Settembre 2018
Probiotic bacteria have become increasingly popular during the last two decades as a result of the continuously expanding scientific evidence pointing to their beneficial effects on human health. As a result they have been applied as various products with the food industry having been very active...
Susan J. Hewlings and Douglas S. Kalman
, 6 Luglio 2018
Turmeric, a spice that has long been recognized for its medicinal properties, has received interest from both the medical/scientific world and from culinary enthusiasts, as it is the major source of the polyphenol curcumin. It aids in the management of oxidative and inflammatory conditions,...
Sergio Davinelli, Michael E. Nielsen, Giovanni Scapagnini
, 3 Maggio 2018
Astaxanthin in Skin Health, Repair, and Disease: A Comprehensive Review     Abstract: Astaxanthin, a xanthophyll carotenoid, is a secondary metabolite naturally synthesized by a number of bacteria, microalgae, and yeasts. The commercial production...
Visioli F, Artaria C. , 02/02/2018
, 2 Febbraio 2018
Cardiovascular disease is the main contributor to morbidity and mortality worldwide. Based on its unique chemical features, the xanthophyll carotenoid astaxanthin is being proposed as a suitable preventive and therapeutic agent in cardiovascular disease. This review focuses on recent advances in...
Richard A. Passwater, PhD, and Peter Rohdewald, PhD , 12/10/2017
, 12 Ottobre 2017
Nutrients can play a significant role in optimizing the levels of main proteins (collagen, elastin and keratin) and hyaluronic acid (HA) that are natural compounds of the skin. This review examines the skin benefits of the lesser known nutrients of PycnogenolTM an Unique Nutrient. The skin proteins...
Yoshihisa Y, Rehman MU, Shimizu T , 24/07/2017
, 24 Luglio 2017
Maria Concetta Romano, MD , 30/06/2017
, 30 Giugno 2017
While the nutritional approaches linked to cardiovascular system, autoimmune system and gastrointestinal tract's functionality is enough investigated instead the skin organ is gaining scientific interest in the last years. The established belief that using food supplements combined with a correct...