Richard A. Passwater, PhD, and Peter Rohdewald, PhD    , 12/10/2017
di Richard A. Passwater, PhD, and Peter Rohdewald, PhD , 12/10/2017
12 Ottobre 2017

Nutrients can play a significant role in optimizing the levels of main proteins (collagen, elastin and keratin)
and hyaluronic acid (HA) that are natural compounds of the skin. This review examines the skin benefits
of the lesser known nutrients of PycnogenolTM an Unique Nutrient. The skin proteins and hyaluronic acid
are especially sensitive to the needs of micronutrients such as those contained in PycnogenolTM, plus vitamin
C and silicon. Less than optimal nourishment with these and other nutrients are manifested visibly
as rough, reddened, wrinkled, scaling or even itchy skin. The demonstrated synergies of key vitamins and
minerals acting in concert with Pycnogenol show the potential of PycnogenolTM for radiant and healthy
skin. PycnogenolTM supports in-creased presence of collagen and elastin, improves skin micro-circulation,
elevates skin hydration and elasticity by upping dermal hyaluronic acid generation and, furthermore, balances
pigmentation for brighter skin complexion and quenches inflammatory processes, such as during
UV exposure. Finally, PycnogenolTM contributes to a variety of physiological functions for improvement of
both health and aesthetic appearance of human skin.

Eur. J. Aesth. Medicine and Dermatology. 2017.1 (Suppl 1): 31-34